Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Now that we are all friends, you know that I have been decorating and crafting but not blogging about it.  Well, I want to welcome you to my home (or at least to the front door).  I saw this wonderful new take on Spring front door decor and knew I had to try it.  There are several different versions out there, but I got my inspiration from this little number at the Ballard bunch, which I loved! 

I have a sewing machine, but it's still in the box.  That's a long story for another post :)  I gathered up my fabric (left over from a Thanksgiving pumpkin project) and headed on over to hubby's mom's house.  See, she has a sewing machine that is actually out of the box and plugged in.  She even knows how to load the dreaded bobbin!  Once we got the hang of it, we cut and stitched 6 of these cute little carrots.

and a close-up

I just love that little felt bunny on top!  It's actually a "food pick" I picked up at Publix.  I guess you are supposed to skewer food with it, but that little 6 pack was way too cute to be ruined by fruit and cheese!  Don't look too closely or you'll notice the fake fern greenery that I am trying to pass off as carrot stems :)  It was worth the trip to the deep, dark recesses of mom's attic to find those little gems though, because I found some other treasures to use in other projects.

I actually like these "stems" better.  I used green twine this time.  But the others were already on the front door, and I just decided to use these inside.

I am really enjoying my little carrot bunches.  Luckily, I still have one child left who believes in the Easter Bunny.  We told her that he would be sure to stop by our house to fill her basket, because we have carrots to welcome him!

I have a bit more Easter decor to share with you before long.  I'd better hurry up, because after next weekend, I'll have to switch it all up to Spring.  Bye, bye bunnies....

Happy Saturday,


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Stacey Stevenson

I LOVE the carrots, the ribbons are a perfect accent. the bunny is great and reminds me that I need to start making some felt Christmas decorations like my mom did!
Thanks for sharing, Kim!

Ramblings of a middle-age goddess

Very good start, Kim. I have been blogging for about 6 years now!! I met so many nice ladies and even have got to gether with several from different states and one from Wales England!! It is great if you can get connected with several people through blogging. Anytime you wish to see mine...


Very cute. I wish I had a sewing machine or knew how to use one. We really need to live nearer to each other.


Great job, Kim! The door thingy is cute, too!

Cindy R.

Great job! I enjoyed each one!