Monday, March 18, 2013

In search of Annie Sloan paint

This weekend was St Patrick’s Day.  Savannah has one of the biggest St Patrick’s Day parades in the country.  With the parade comes thousands of tourists.  It’s fun and festive, but it’s very very busy.

st pats in Savannah

image via Savannah Riverfront on FB

So our family decided to take a trip out of town to Charlotte, NC.  We took the kids to the U.S. National Whitewater Center and the Discovery Place Science Museum.   We all had a blast!  As with every trip we take out of town, I quickly googled Annie Sloan stockists in the Charlotte area.  Fortunately I found Melinda Shrom from Artisan by Design.  I visited her at the Blacklion location.  First let me say, I LOVED that store!  It was like a giant Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Homegoods, Thrift market, hip antique store all rolled into one!  So much fun!


Melinda was great!  I had called ahead and my paint was already put aside for me on the “hold table”.  I went to her booth, and she was eager to meet me.  Lil’ ole me?  Yes! We had some great discussion about paint colors and textures and how much we both LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk paint!  I watched and listened as one of her repeat customers came in and discussed her wall that she had painted in Arles and asked Melinda’s opinion on what color paint and wax to add for more depth.  Melinda is a real pro, and gave the lady several options, but not so many that she was overwhelmed.  In the end, she even asked my opinion as the tie breaker :)  I was honored.  We all agreed and the customer practically skipped away happy!  Melinda told me about the awesome and innovative paint classes that she holds at the Blacklion, and then she showed me the paint studio in the back.  Boy, do I wish I could take one of her classes.  If only I lived closer…

Here is a picture of the paint swatches in her paint booth.  Very helpful when you see the paint out of the can and side by side on a board.  Cute design too! ( sorry for the cell phone picture blur)

annie sloan color board artisan by design.jpg

Annie Sloan color board by Artisan by Design

And here is the paint color wall in the studio where the paint classes are held.  LOVE this idea!  Look at all of those color variations from each color of paint!  So versatile!

annie sloan color wall artisan by design.jpg

Annie Sloan color wall  by Artisan by Design

I had an incredible experience with Melinda, and my love for Annie Sloan Chalk paint has been ignited all the more.  Can’t wait to get started on my next piece using my very favorite paint!

This is what I brought home with me, and this dresser drawer and its friends are next for the Annie Sloan treatment…

Annie sloan paint display.jpg

Now, I said this store was incredible.  So here are a few pictures of the treasures I would have liked to take home.

This one greeted me right at the front door!  And it had a matching “friend” too :)  I’m digging that fabric and those curvy lines!

blue cream upholstered chair.jpg

And Hippity Hoppity Easter is definitely on its way at this store!  I saw moss covered bunnies, Burlap bunnies and carrots.  Bunnies with wheelbarrows. Crackle finished ceramic bunnies.  Furry yellow chicks, and every other kind of fabulous Easter décor I could have possibly imagined and drooled over…

Easter display Blacklion.jpg

Easter Display at Blacklion

Okay, I’m on board with most of America in my love for burlap!  So when I happened up on this booth which I nicknamed “Burlap Paradise”, I knew I had to buy this great ruffled burlap table runner!  See the one in the top of the photo?  It is mine.  End of discussion….

burlap booth at blacklion

I’m kind of on an animal and bird kick right now.  These peacock pictures were amazing in person.  But see those yellow tags?  Someone else loved them too…

peacock pictures.jpg

How about this wonderful horse painting.  Swoon…  Loved it!

horse painting blacklion.jpg

And lastly I loved this rustic farmhouse looking booth with these awesome letters.

farmhouse booth.jpg

Thank you for taking this virtual shopping trip with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful store and my visit with Melinda.  I will be back as soon as I can find a reason to go to Charlotte, NC again.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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I Play Outside The Box

I live in Rock Hill, SC...about 20 miles from the Blacklion. Love going there. Couldn't help but notice your drawer pulls... a lion's head. :-) Look forward to seeing what you do with your piece.

Pamela Audette

I just love using Annie Sloans paint too. I have tried some of the others but always go back to hers. Love her colors and her paint. I started painting with hers and always recommend it. Wish I could be a stockist...wonder virtual trip with you!!