Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“Wood” you like to see my yard sale finds?

A couple of weeks ago, I went early morning yard sale shopping with a new friend.  She’s a yard sale "pro", who has a booth at a local antiques mall.  I knew I had to watch her strategies.  I learned a lot from her that day.  Go early and prepare to DIG are the two biggest things I learned.  Along with IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT RIGHT AWAY!

Well, apparently, I like wooden items!  I hadn’t realized but almost everything I bought that day from various sales was made of wood.  I was so excited to snatch up some of these items for such bargain prices.  It was a FUN morning to say the least.  And best of all?  We were done by 9:30!  Just in time to run to my kids’ school for their Spring Program.

So, here’s my haul.  What do you think?  I know you creative ladies have some suggestions on what I can use these treasures for.  Can’t just let them sit in my garage.  Hubby calls me a hoarder when I do that!

May 18 2011 002  May 18 2011 004 May 18 2011 005

     May 18, 2011 001  May 18, 2011 003  
Okay, so I bought five of these wood/metal crates.  I am assuming “Hood” is Ft. Hood and these are some type of military storage.  The lady at the sale had them full of books.  I asked if the crates were for sale, and before she could finish the word “yes” I was helping her relocate those books!  So, what do you think?  Bookshelves for the 11 yr. old’s room?  Planters on my back porch?  I’d love any and all ideas (besides, leave ‘em in the garage).


May 18 2011 008
Wooden stool with woven top

May 18 2011 011
Wooden Box


Another angle of the wooden box


May 18 2011 012
wooden sewing box

May 18 2011 013
it's expandable

and filled with sewing supplies- Yippee!

May 18 2011 015
 wooden storage unit.   

My craft supplies are starting to take over the house.
Maybe this will help round them up...

May 18, 2011 004
1 of 2 chippy old windows

Last, but not least, I bought 2 of these old windows.  I don’t know why, but I grabbed them up immediately.  There were 3 for sale, and I noticed as I moved on to bigger and better (wooden) things, that my yard sale pro friend grabbed the remaining window.  See, I have a good eye…  Now, what to do with these???  

Waiting to hear from YOU!

Happy Wednesday,


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goodbye Gift

Not long ago, we had a surprise going away party at a Tea Room for a very special someone.  Betsy is a friend and mentor to me and so many of my friends.  She and her husband had grown children and grandchildren, but they did not live near the kids and grandkids.  So, this wonderful couple made a point to be friends and mentors to many of us who have young children.  Recently, they made the big decision to move to be closer to their grandchildren.  It was bittersweet news for all of us, but we know that grandparents are a wonderful blessing.  Those grandbabies deserve this time with them! 

I put together this little gift to let Betsy know how precious she is to me. 

April 2011 006

This is how it all started….

April 2011 002

I bought a Target wedding frame on clearance (Love the Target clearance spot!)

April 2011 004

and “sanded” the phrase off with an emery board (yes, this is true laziness!)

April 2011 007

I then printed and cut out her name in vinyl with my Silhouette

April 2011 008

I chose some special words to describe how I feel about Betsy.
I was in a time crunch, so I just used my Silhouette to print off the special words onto cardstock instead of cutting vinyl.  I popped off the back of the frame and put in this little memento.

She said she loved it!  We love her!

photo source (Lauren Durrence Photgraphy)