Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giant Elastic Christmas Wreath

I was out thrifting the other day when I came across this 10 foot roll of red and white checked elastic “ribbon”.  I immediately thought that it would make a great Christmas wreath, since it would wrap tightly with no gaps.  Oh, and it was $3, so I snatched it up and ran…to the register that is…

Nov 24 2011 025

I took a large styrofoam wreath form that I bought at Michaels (with my 40% off coupon) and used straight pins to attach the elastic to the form.  This one was very easy, since the elastic pulled nice and tight.  I bought a pretty glittered white poinsettia and some other glittery red “picks” from Michaels and glammed up this otherwise plain wreath.

Nov 24 2011 021

I hung my wreath with two types of material- twine and sparkly ribbon.  I’m still not sure which I like best.  I’ll post both pictures.  Let me know which you like best.  That way I’ll know somebody is reading along : )

November 24 2011 002
Hung with basic green twine

Nov 24 2011 021b
Hung with glittery wide ribbon

Yes, I’m posting a Christmas wreath on Thanksgiving day.  Gotta do something constructive while the macaroni and cheese bakes! 

I hope you and those you love have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tote bag using the Citrasolv transfer method

Before I dive into the how-to for my little tote bag this week, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who are following my little blog!  I reached a milestone this week when I hit 100 followers!   Wow!  I can’t believe that 100 people have ever even looked at my blog!  The number snuck up on me, so I don’t have any fabulous giveaways or anything –yet.  But stay tuned, I might have something up my sleeve before Christmas.  Keep watching, because I wouldn’t want you to miss it…
I have seen the Citrasolv transfer projects all over the internet. My friend Jaime at Crafty, Scrappy, Happy did a couple of adorable tote bags, and I wanted to try my hand at it too.  Citrasolv is an all natural degreaser that can also be used in crafting as a transfer agent.  The website has loads of helpful information.  My #1 piece of advice for Citrasolv is that if you want to get some, start looking waaayyy before you decide you need it, or simply order online.  This stuff is hard to find.  I found mine at a little health food store in St. Augustine, when the hubs and I were on our anniversary trip (I know- so romantic!).

There are many tutorials all over the web, so I’m going to make mine very simple.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help, if I can.

Citrasolv transfer tote bag 7

Sorry for the horrible lighting.  My usual outdoor picture spot was already shady today when I went out for the “photo shoot”.  I saw this little phrase on Pinterest the other day, and couldn’t help but file it away for later and giggle.  I have several friends who are big readers… Maybe one of them will get this little bag for Christmas.  Hope they aren’t reading this!  If you don’t “get” this phrase, thank your lucky stars that you missed out on that song in the early 90’s.  Just sayin'!

Okay, here’s what you do.  Create a document or grab a graphic that you will either print or copy in black and white using a laser printer or copier.  It must be laser, or the transfer will not work.  When you print out your words or image, choose mirror image so it will print in reverse.  That way the ink will be sitting on top of your fabric like so:

November 18 2011 013

   November 18 2011 011

Then you will take a small sponge or paintbrush and dip it into the Citrasolv and wet your paper so that it soaks through to the fabric.  Don’t drench it, but use enough so that the letters get good and wet.  Then take the back of a spoon, and rub really hard on the letters to make sure that they transfer.  Look at this tutorial for pictures of this step.  You may want to peek to see if it’s working, but don’t move your image around.  Once you are sure that everything has transferred, you can peel back your paper and toss it away.  Your bag is finished!  Easy peasy!

Nov 18 2011 012

I used a linen type bag, so my lettering is kind of faded looking.  I like it like that, but if you want crisp black, use a white fabric and make sure your image is really dark when you copy it.

I added a little denim flower to finish it off.  I liked the faded denim against the linen bag and “faded” lettering.  The flower is a pin that can be taken off and worn on a jacket or purse as well.  A gift that keeps on giving!  I followed this tutorial at Jones Design Company for the flower.  She has the best flower tutorials around!  This one even has templates you print and cut.  So simple…

Nov 18 2011 008

So, that’s how you make a Citrasolv transfer tote bag.  Easy right?  I’m gonna practice using some different images and fabrics.  I’ll be back to show you those later on.  Okay?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

$1 Laundry room shelf

I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to “Everything’s $1”.  Not really, but the last few projects I’ve posted about have been ultra-thrifty!  This little shelf is no exception.  I bought it from a yard sale for $1.00.  Everyone loves a good before and after, so here you go.

Nov 12 2011 002
Before: your basic 1980’s kitchen shelf complete with a weird picture of a nest, some onions, books, a salt shaker, a pomegranate and some butterflies.  I’m pretty sure all the bases were covered with this one!

Nov 12 2011 029

After:  A little shelf with some personality.  At least now it has only one personality and isn’t trying to be so many things like it was in the 80’s : )

You really don’t need a tutorial for this one, but I’m gonna give you a brief one anyway. 

First I scraped off the 1980’s mixed up decal.  It left the surface quite gummy, so I knew I didn’t want to paint over that.  I spray painted the shelf Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze.  Then I brushed on some white latex paint over it.  I let it dry overnight and then took my sandpaper to the edges to rough it up a bit. 

Nov 12 2011 016 

I mod podged some cute blue scrapbook paper that looks like water droplets onto my already gummy surface inside the “frame”. 

I then cut out some stencils on cardstock using my Silhouette.  I used the letter cutouts to place my wording, and I used red craft paint to stencil the words, “It all comes out in the Wash” onto my frame.  I learned the hard way on this project that mod podge is slick and the paint from your stencil will run if you are not super careful- trust me, I tell you.

Nov 12 2011 018

I then took 2 metal buckets that I bought from Michael’s and slapped a Silhouette vinyl label on each of them.  One is for coins found in the washer or dryer and the other is for the miscellaneous odds and ends that I always seem to find in our laundry.  You wouldn’t believe the legos, pens, pencils, erasers, toys, and other “important” items that my kids leave in their pockets.  Now, instead of them sitting on top of the washer or dryer in piles, they can be placed in the buckets.  If they are not claimed in a reasonable amount of time, they become the property of mom : )

Nov 12 2011 028

So, this was a simple project that anyone could do to tidy up their laundry area or another problem area of the house.  All you need is a $1 shelf.  If you can’t find one, just ask me, I think I may have a few more squirreled away…

Happy organizing!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dollhouse from dollar shelf

I picked up this shelf from a yard sale a while back for a dollar.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.  I had seen this Petshop Playhouse at Kiki Creates.  She used a wooden shelf to create a “home” for her daughter’s Littlest Petshop toys.  Mine doesn’t have drawers to store the pets/dolls in, but it will keep the toys off of the floor and will be a fun place for my daughter to play with her little people and animals.

It all started with this:                  

Nov 2 2011 001

and this is the after:                                        

Nov 3 2011 023

Yes!  I see the 1992 heart themed cut-outs!  And I totally planned to cover them up somehow.  But my daughter saw the hearts and thought they were “cute”.  So they had to stay :(  

The shelf had been primed white.  So, I just wiped it down and spray painted it with Krylon’s Ballet Pink.  Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the back of my shelf.  I then cut a piece of pretty pink floral fabric from my stash about an inch larger than the cardboard all the way around.  Then I just stapled the fabric to the cardboard with a regular stapler.  I stayed close to the edge so that the staples wouldn’t show later. 

Nov 3 2011 002

After my fabric was stapled on, I nailed the cardboard to the corners of my shelf.

Nov 3 2011 005

Nov 3 2011 007

Now that the back of my shelf is covered, it’s pretty, and no toys will fall through to the other side :)

My daughter asked me to add a dressing room with “curtains” for her dolls to change their clothes.   I didn’t want to have to sew, so I got creative with this one. 

Nov 3 2011 011
This pair of 9-12 month overalls had been somehow left behind when most of the baby clothes were given away. My daughter is now 6 years old! 

Nov 3 2011 016

Anyway, I cut the overalls just above the pleats and used them for curtains.  I ironed them and hot glued  some ric rac at the top, and they came out great!

I then decided that I needed to add a door or gate to the house as well.  I spray painted some popsicle sticks a bright pink and hot glued them together to make a wooden gate.  For the hinge, I stole the hinge from a wooden plate stand.  These little hinges were the perfect size to attach my little pink gate.

Nov 3 2011 017   

It seems that I forgot to take a photo of the gate before I painted a little birdie on it and attached it to the house.  But here it is up close.

Nov 3 2011 028

I just love this little button that I used as a handle for the gate.  I found it in an old sewing box where I used to keep all of my barrette making supplies when I was in the 4th grade.  The little birdies on the button are just PERFECT!

Nov 3 2011 028b

This is everything together.  At the moment all of our little critters and people are trying the house out to see who gets to live here.  I’m hoping that it will help keep all of the small toys off of the floor and keep a smile on my little one’s face.  She is so excited over her new dollhouse!  That’s a lot of bang for a “buck”!

Nov 3 2011 023

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