Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Thrifting

I have never done much decorating for Easter, but this year, I could hardly contain myself!  I thoroughly enjoyed browsing some of the wonderful Thrift Shops in town to find just the right items.  I love to reuse things that others have discarded!  One man’s trash… well, I don’t pick up trash, but I’ve been tempted!

I got these boy and girl paper bunnies from a thrift store. 
I saw them in the front of the store and snatched them up immediately!  They are so simple; that’s why I like them so much.

Set of Spring thrift store plates… {Yikes! focus on the plates and please excuse the wrinkled placemats and napkins }
April 18 2011 010
                Thrift store “fat bunny” picture                     

April 18 2011 009
Super-cute printable from taidyeApril 18 2011 028
April 18 2011 027
I shared this picture in my previous post, but here’s a close-up of my bunnies and chicks in baskets and bowls.  The robin's egg blue shabby bowl is from a garage sale :)

April 18 2011 029

This is my bunny village collection.   Nothing too too orginal but all thrift store finds, and it's one of my  daughter’s favorite decorations :)        



              -My very favorite Spring thing of all-         
      My rusty/handmade birdcage!  My mom bought this little, old, rickety cage for my birthday recently, and I just LOVE it!!!  I hope you can see from the pictures all of the care that someone put into wiring all of these little pieces of wood together. 

4-18-11 004
April 18 2011 016
          The door is my favorite- or maybe it’s the rusty stand… oh, I don’t know.  But I love the way the wire is twisted and swirled to make a door latch.  

April 18 2011 025
   Look at those old wooden slats  

   and the whole thing together….

4-18-11 007
  one more peek inside

April 18 2011 023 cropped
Yep, it even looks great from the back!  How I wish I could say that about some photos I've had taken from that angle - Ha!

Thanks  for taking this thrifty Easter tour with me!

Happy Tuesday,

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I love your Easter thrift finds. I have nothing Eastery really. I was just wondering why the other day. My favorite thing is that bird cage! I love it and that door latch too cute.


oops! I gave the wrong link to the "nest" printable the first time... antsi-pants has a great Easter subway art printable too!



Hey that looks great! I love the thrifty finds! Nice job.