Friday, April 22, 2011

So-Cute, Reuse, Recycle!

I have one more little Easter “project” to show you all before all the fun of Easter has passed.  I just LOVE Easter!  Not just bunnies and chicks, but the Cross of Christ and what this special day means for all who serve Him.  But this post is a bunny post…
I had this really cute pair of overalls that two of my friends have used for their little girls.  Both of them have had the front monogrammed with their daughters’ initials.  After two sets of full initials monogrammed, the fabric was too “damaged” to do a third one.  Believe me, I’ve had this done on a different outfit, and there is just too much residual from the first two that the third just looks awful.  Anyway, I had this adorable little 12 month Easter top that was still hanging around my house from long ago.  Yes, “A” is 5 yrs old!  But my hoarding, ummm saving of cute things paid off this time!  I got a “new” free adorable Easter outfit just in time for the class Easter Egg Hunt!

April 16 2010 001April 16 2010 002

April 16 2010 003April 16 2010 004

april 22 2011 003april 22 2011 004april 22 2011 006

I just cut the bunny applique from the little bitty shirt and used some “Heat ‘n Bond” that I picked up at Walmart.  I ironed that adorable little bunny right over those monograms!  Voila!  Easy-Peasy!

Isn’t she cute??

Happy Easter!


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Great idea. I love those overalls now. She is so cute!!!


She is adorbable----and I LOVE the outfit!!! Great idea!

Amanda @ Serenity Now

What a cutie she is! I emailed you, but also wanted to leave a comment letting you know that you won the Nikycole Giveaway. :)