Friday, June 17, 2011

Yard sale finds

I went yard sale shopping with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  *NOTE* –Always take a friend!  It’s more fun; they help you find the address in the newspaper; you can laugh at the silly items together; etc.  We went  out EARLY and I came back with a car load –again!

June 3 2011 001

See that “palmish thing”?  Yeah, it’s a crazy looking turkey!  It was $1, and I just couldn’t leave it there.  You should have seen hubby’s face when I brought that palm-tree turkey inside!  I just said “look away”, and he did… but not before he let me know how much fun it is to burn palm branches!   So, if I try to paint it, stain it, or pretty it up in any way, and it doesn’t work?  He’ll torch that baby with a smile on his face!

June 3 2011 007

I also snatched up these 2 boxes of craft supplies for a song. 

June 3 2011 008  June 3 2011 013

Do you see the treasure in the box on the right? 
June 3 2011 014

Yep, that’s etching cream!  I have been wanting to buy some of it since I got my Silhouette cutter last Fall.  But it’s really expensive.  And I got like 5 bottles of it in the box!!!  I can’t wait to try it out.  I have all kinds of monogramming projects swirling around my brain.

I also bought several metal objects this time.  Now, my first love is WOOD!   Let’s not forget that a wooden box or bin can make me swoon.  But this day was a metal kind of day.  I’m most excited about the two urns.  Hubby already had them blasted clean for me and primed.  I can’t wait to paint them and put them on my front porch.  You’ll be seeing these again, for sure!

June 3 2011 018  June 3 2011 020

Horseshoes and a gate hook?  No, I don’t have a plan, but I loved them :)

I love a good yard sale! 

Happy Hunting,


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Oh, Kim, you make me laugh! I love it! I wish I had told you about my garage sale last August! We both would have been SO happy! Bets


Love those urns, and jealous of that etching cream (it's expensive!)
Thanks for your kind comment on my map chest of drawers at Red Hen Home!

Michele Smith

Hey! Thanks for visiting me.
Those are some great finds...I even like that turkey LOL He would look great out for Thanksgiving.
Love those urns too!
Oooh look forward to seeing what you use the etching cream on. I was thinking of getting some awhile back to monogram some stuff.