Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome back Scrabble

I’ve been scouring the thrift stores looking for original Scrabble games to use in a little project that’s been brewing in my brain for quite some time.  I’ve seen lots of Scrabble art- big and small.  And this may not be an original idea, but it’s original in my tiny world, and it makes me smile : ) 

scrabble bare.jpg

This set belonged to “Beth”, and she was quite attached to it.  All of the owner’s paperwork was filled out and many of the trays were labeled with her name.  I’m sure she played many games of Scrabble at her friends’ houses, but wanted to be sure she got all of her pieces back!
Well, since this set was from the 60’s, I’m sure that “Beth” wouldn’t mind if I updated it a little…

welcome scrabble.jpg

just in scrabble.jpg

onsale scrabble.jpg

I’m using these little beauties all around my booth on my furniture pieces to attract the customers’ eye and to show off some of my paint colors and finishes.  These are just some basic Annie Sloan colors with a little distressing and dark and clear wax.  But I have more trays and plan to mix some colors and make more eye candy in the near future. 

turquoise distressed table and scrabble tile.jpg

I used a single piece of scotch tape on the back of each word to keep the letters together.  It has worked great!  The “Welcome”  below has been in my booth for a couple of months, and it’s still in tact despite my own kids and other shoppers’ kids playing with it.


Have you played any Scrabble lately?


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They are super cute. I love them.

Jessica Kielman

How clever are you! I love it! I'd like one that says... Mommy is sleeping, or Make Your Own Dinner ;)


Neat idea Kim. It is new to me and I think it is great. I haven't played in a long time but I always enjoyed it. I have still got that game around here somewhere.
Have a great weekend, Ginger

reFresh reStyle

Love the colors! They look great in your booth and if they show up in mine, it's because they are so cute! I'm inspired to look for scrabble games ;)
Have a great day!


I haven't played Scrabble in ages! I've seen Scrabble art around too and I think it looks fabulous!


I love it! That is a great idea:) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Kim! I appreciate it.