Monday, June 25, 2012

Pool Noodle Dragonfly

So, I wrestled a pool noodle in order to party with the cool girls at the Pool Noodle Party.

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                                                                      Party Hosts Debbiedoo’s

This thing was going to be a wreath, a skate board, and a flower!  But ultimately it became what it was meant to be… a shabby little dragonfly.

June 26 2012 200

Here are the materials needed to make your own shabby dragonfly from a simple pool noodle.

-Pool Noodle
-strips of torn drop cloth
-ball of twine
- thin wooden dowel
-one pants hanger (wire top cardboard bottom)
-straight pins
-hot glue

June 26 2012 194

1- cut your pool noodle in half long ways and then in half the other way.  Like a loaf of bread waiting to be buttered…mmm…

2- tear many many many strips of drop cloth and pin the ends to a piece of noodle and wrap.  This is the longest step, so put on your DVR’d episodes of “Junk Gypsies” while you wrap.

3-  Once your 4 “wings” are wrapped and cinched in at the ends with the strips of cloth, take another half of a regular pool noodle and begin wrapping it in cloth.  Sounds like we are mummifying something doesn’t it?

4- Then use your wooden dowel to attach the wings to the “body” noodle.

June 26 2012 197
Hubby is helping out here :)

5- Once the dowels are in, wrap the dragonfly some more.  Criss-cross across the body and pin on the back side to be sure that everything is nice and secure.

June 26 2012 198
blurry close up…

6- Once your dragonfly’s body is made, then roll some twine to form 2 eyes and hot glue them on.  Simple.

June 26 2012 208

7-  Poke a hole in the top of your little guy, and bend the coat hanger top straight and drop it right in.  I used a little hot glue to secure the antennae.

June 26 2012 202
close up of the antennae

So folks, there you have it.  My very last minute pool noodle creation.  I told Debbie at Refresh Restyle that I’d be late to the party, but I’d be there. 
My motto seems to be…

last minute

I was gonna be lame and just use my iPhone to take the pictures, since I was running so late to the big bash!  Well, I changed my mind and used my “good” camera.  Did you notice the fabulous quality of my photos???? Did ya?  Oh, well, with only a few minutes before the party started, I CANNOT FIND THE FILE WHERE MY PICTURES UPLOADED!!!!!  I must be crazy!  So here are some rather crappy iPhone pictures of my pool noodle project :)

I made it to the party Debbie! Oh, and I brought a date!  My shabby little dragonfly. 

 June 26 2012 200

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Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage

Whew! You just made it ;) Thanks for linking up your SUPER original creation.

Happy Summer!!


Oh Kim your shabby little dragonfly is the cutest. Really clever use of a pool noodle. I thank you for joining in on the fun. Have fun visiting some of the other noodle heads!

reFresh reStyle

Your noodle creation is awesome! I would have never thought of a dragonfly! Your blog design looks great too! I'm off to share your noodle!
Have a great day,

Lucy Designs

that is so creative! and here I thought you could only make wreath forms with pool noodles LOL!