Thursday, May 3, 2012

Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue-yes! Old White-not so much…

I’m here with a great little table that I just painted with Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue.  I then sanded her to make sure she felt the love, and applied dark and clear Annie Sloan’s waxes.  Now she’s been buffed to a beautiful shine!  I love her! 

April 26 2012 012

I just popped open this can of Napoleonic Blue for this table.  There is just something special about opening a new can of paint.  It’s so exciting! 
I felt that way the first time I opened a can of Annie Sloan’s Old White chalk paint.  But I have never had the same love affair with the Old White that I have with the deeper colored Annie Sloan paints.  I don’t know if it’s the difference in pigments.  I do not claim to know ANYTHING about the make-up of paints!  But I do definitely notice a difference in the consistency of my Old White can(s) versus my Napoleonic blue or Antibes Green or Emperors Silk colors.  Those colors just glide onto the piece, making it beautiful almost instantly.  The Old White makes me WORK harder!  I’ve been told to add a little water, and I have added some to my working palette on occasion.  I honestly don’t blame Annie or her Old White mixture for this problem.  The results can be amazing! 
I painted this table a while back with Old White, and have gotten great feedback from the gal that purchased it!  That makes me so happy!

imported Mar 26 2012 513

But, I think the bottom line is that the COLORS are calling me! They make me happy!  My paintbrush loves them!  And my booth just thrives when I add color!
Don’t worry, Old White, I can’t live without you!  You are the original… but I am stepping out of the box-for now!

Happy Thursday to you!

**Oh, and "Beautiful Blue" has already sold, so I won't be bringing her home to live in my sunroom where she fit in so nicely...**

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